Hey my lovelies!
I love(d) GLEE, particularly KURT. I shipped Klaine once - those days were the darkest of my life.
(My blog is not Blaine friendly duh)
I don't know whether I want to watch S6, I mean I love Glee. It helped me through so much, But they destroy the magic of this show and I don't wanna watch how they ruin everything ...

Apart from this love-hate relationship I post stuff about CHRIS COLFER (best person on the planet), Grant Gustin, Adam Lambert, Game of Thrones, lushlaws, shameless (gallavich), human rights, self care and a bit gay fluff :) I ship Kurt x happiness and support Chris's relationship with Will.

I do write fanfiction :3 but mostly in my own language. Check out my tags or the links for more information ^-^

And I take prompts for videos. It depends on how busy I am and how I like the prompt :D But feel free to ask :) To check my prompts in queue, go to my tags ->my stuff ->"my to do list".

♥♥♥“There's nothing wrong with you. There's a lot wrong with the world you live in.”♥♥♥ - Chris Colfer
I'm proud to be different
It's the best thing about me

what I look forward to…

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