Hey my lovelies!
I love(d) GLEE, particularly KURT. I shipped Klaine once - those days were the darkest of my life.
(My blog is not Blaine friendly duh)
Look at the S6 spoilers. I'm so fucking done. I still love glee because it helped me through so much. But they destroy the magic of this show and that makes me angry.

Apart from this love-hate relationship I post stuff about CHRIS COLFER (best person on the planet), Grant Gustin, Adam Lambert, Game of Thrones, lushlaws, shameless (gallavich), human rights, self care and a bit gay fluff :) I ship Kurt x happiness and support Chris's relationship with Will.

My otp is Puckurtbastian. Yes, a three-way relationship between, Kurt, Puck and Seb. When I have time and a good day I will try to draw fanart ...

I do write fanfiction :3 Check out my tags or the links on the left for more information ^-^
And I take prompts for videos. It depends on how busy I am and how I like the prompt :D But feel free to ask :) To check my prompts in queue, go to my tags ->my stuff ->"my to do list".

♥♥♥“There's nothing wrong with you. There's a lot wrong with the world you live in.”♥♥♥ - Chris Colfer
I'm proud to be different
It's the best thing about me

The last gif is killing me. That’s not Klaine. It’s between Chris and Darren. Chris patting him like: always a pleasure to kiss you. And Darren: heheheee thanks Chris!


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